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Early and Ancient Civilizations

As our history theme this term, we are looking at the early and ancient civilizations but I am not going to add any links to the history blog unless you add the link in a comment on this post or in a post on your own blog. You must tell me why you recommend that […]

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Challenge 9 – True heroes

One of the most important parts of blogging is continuing conversations.  This means readers have to read many blogs and leave lots of comments.  If you read a great post and decide to write a similar post on your blog, then it is manners to include a link to that original post where you got […]

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Welcome back

Welcome back after your Easter holiday break.  I hope you all had a great time.  I wonder what you did?  Perhaps you could write a post about it in your blog.  Also with ANZAC Day coming up this weekend, I would be interested in knowing: What do you know about ANZAC Day? What was the […]

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Ancient history – Egypt

I have just been to a website which allows you to put in your name, and they will then write it in hieroglyphs.  I did a print screen and cropped the picture to put it in here for you to see. I have always loved anything Egyptian and have actually visited there and climbed through […]

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World Health Day 2009

WHO/Shareef Sarhan A doctor surveys the damage to a medical facility in the Gaza Strip during the conflict in 2009. International humanitarian law urges combatants to respect the neutrality of health facilities, staff and ambulances during conflicts to ensure they are not caught up in the violence and can continue to provide care. WHO/Christopher Black […]

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Challenge 4 – The three R’s

What are the 3R’s?  If you asked your grandparents they would say reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic. Three of the most basic skills needed to survive in the twentieth century. But we are now in the 21st century, so what do the 3R’s represent now?  Reduce, reuse and recycle. How do you reduce, reuse and recycle […]

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Having a map on your blog

In less than a week, we will be losing all those red dots on the clustrmap.  After 12 months, they archive the map, so I thought before that happened I would save an image of what it looks like now.   Since March 14, 2008 we have had nearly 18,000 visitors to our blog.  We […]

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Sky(ping) is our eye to the world

Last week we had our first official Skype call with Ashley in Connecticut, USA.  It was 1pm our time and 9pm in America.  Students asked questions, talked about their pets and interests, compared schooling in USA and at our school.  It was an exciting 45 minute call with students using the webcam and smartboard to […]

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Did you take action against poverty?

Since writing your post about poverty, have you or anybody at your school done something about it?  Did your school take part in the STAND UP 2008 against poverty campaign?  I know my school did, even the grade 6/7 students who were on a bush walk and barbecue for the day.  I was in a […]

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Poverty BAD 2008

What is poverty? The World Bank describes it as “…a condition so limited by malnutrition, illiteracy, disease, squalid surroundings, high infant mortality, and low life expectancy as to be beneath any reasonable definition of human decency.”  This is called absolute poverty.  Nowhere in this definition is mentioned the income of the person. Below is a […]

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