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Week 9 – Last chance to shine

This week is the penultimate week of the challenge.  It is your last chance to shine in front of your teacher (who might be assessing you for blogging), your class mates and your readers around the world. This week’s challenge involves research of one of the topics below.  You must find at least two relevant […]

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10,000 visitors! Thank you all!

WOW!  I checked our clustrmap today and at 4.30pm on Thursday 13th November we had just clocked over the 10,000th visitor. Our class blog began in March 2008 as a way of teaching students to be internet savvy as well as for them to comment on posts from both students and myself. It was the […]

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Week 8 – Recycling

This week, 10-16 November, is National Recycling Week in Australia. Since November 1996, Planet Ark has been running this event and in Australia, we sure need to be reminded to recycle.  OECD figures show Australia to be one of the world’s biggest per capita producers of waste – at an alarming rate of 2.25 kilograms […]

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Week 6 – Festivals and celebrations

As we have participants from 9 different countries taking part in the blogging challenge, Sue Waters and I thought it would be great to have a post about the festivals and celebrations you have in your country or the area you live. I know students in my class will have just had the Royal Hobart […]

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Did you take action against poverty?

Since writing your post about poverty, have you or anybody at your school done something about it?  Did your school take part in the STAND UP 2008 against poverty campaign?  I know my school did, even the grade 6/7 students who were on a bush walk and barbecue for the day.  I was in a […]

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Poverty BAD 2008

What is poverty? The World Bank describes it as “…a condition so limited by malnutrition, illiteracy, disease, squalid surroundings, high infant mortality, and low life expectancy as to be beneath any reasonable definition of human decency.”  This is called absolute poverty.  Nowhere in this definition is mentioned the income of the person. Below is a […]

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Week 4 BlogAction Day – Poverty – October 15

Blog Action Day began in 2007 when a few bloggers started with a little “What if …” question about getting lots of bloggers to post on the same day about the same issue.  They began asking bloggers they knew and it quickly grew and grew.  That year, on the theme of the Environment,  20,000 bloggers participated […]

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Pre Olympics Quiz

I have just visited the blog of another teacher at our school and she has created a quiz about the Olympics just to get her class into the swing of finding out information.  I’d like you to also visit her blog and write your answers to her quiz as a post in your blog, in […]

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Setting SMART goals

Are these smart goals?  Why?  After visiting the website below, comment about these goals.  You might need to change the goals you have set for term 2. I will lose 10kg next week. I want to get fitter. I will become a good reader. I will stop gossiping. I want to learn my tables. What […]

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Why blog? wordle

Students were asked to mention why they enjoy blogging, how it helps them and to give some hints for teachers new to blogging about to start with their own students.  I did this after a post by Sue Waters in The Edublogger asking for teachers to share their experience in blogging and tips for using with students.  […]

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