Challenge Week 10

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Well, this week is the final week of the student blogging challenge. In the last ten weeks, bloggers and commenters have had the chance to do the following:

Write blog posts:

  • why did you  join the challenge
  • write a post for BAD on climate change
  • favourite interests
  • favourite holidays or countries to visit
  • storytelling using images
  • how to write a post that invites comments
  • favourite blogs you visit
  • Edublogger competition post
  • what did you learn from other bloggers
  • about a positive digital footprint
  • a challenge post for the international student blog


  • count three out activity
  • own commenting guidelines
  • comparing comments
  • replying to comments
  • commenting habits after eight weeks of the challenge
  • visit posts from overseas students and classes to leave comments
  • visit Lonely Planet blog to leave comments on a post

Non written posts:

  • comic
  • quiz
  • poll
  • images only
  • using embed code for links in comments and widgets

Blog presentation:

  • create avatar
  • about page
  • translation widget
  • weather widget
  • create blogroll
  • add badges
  • clustrmap
  • using tags and categories

WHEW!! That is a lot of learning in just ten weeks, yet some of you want more.  Well here is this week’s challenge.

Week 10 challenge

  1. What topics would you want to write about if you take part in another challenge next year?
  2. What questions would you ask overseas students that they could then answer in a post?

Even though the official challenge is now over, I will be posting a review survey next week.  I would appreciate as many students and teachers taking part in this survey to help me plan for next year when I begin the challenge again in February/March.


  1. Dominique Said,

    November 17, 2009@ 8:45 am      

    Hi Miss Wyatt!
    The blogging challenge was great! Even though I did not do every week’s challenge (I was sometimes too busy, but I did read and think about all of them) it was still very fun!
    Just wondering- did you receive my email in response to your comment on my blog?

  2. alicecullen101 Said,

    November 19, 2009@ 10:33 am      

    Mrs. W,
    First of all, I luhved the blog challenge. I am so much more technology literate now! Secondly, I would like to know when and where the winners are being posted. I have some classmates that did a really awesome job and would like to see how they did! Thanks
    P.S. Come check out my blog at

  3. Miss W. Said,

    November 20, 2009@ 12:48 pm      

    Thanks Dominique,
    I did get your email and I have bookmarked your post to add to the international blog.

    Do you think you will take part in the next challenge in February/March next year?

  4. Miss W. Said,

    November 20, 2009@ 12:49 pm      

    Hi Alice,
    There are no true ‘winners’ in the challenge, but I will be asking students and teachers to nominate a couple of students who they feel have participated well and improved their blogging over the time of the challenge.

  5. Valerie Burton Said,

    November 26, 2009@ 11:34 pm      

    Miss Wyatt,

    I am thrilled that I learned about your blogging challenge. You and Ms. Waters have prompted me to take action and start blogging, personally, professionally and with my students. We got our computers very late into the challenge (previously we were sharing the mobile school’s lab) and we, as a class, did not participate fully. I vow to complete most of your blogging challenge assignments with the class.

    Because I was fearful of what my students would say to one another (profanity) I decided to take your blogging idea and use it on a smaller, more private forum, a Ning. I have posted topics, required personalization of their Ning pages and set forth some basic blogging/commenting do’s and don’ts. There has been a lukewarm reception but they are blogging and commenting. It is my hope that we will be ready for your next challenge, whether that challenge is next Spring or the International Challenge.

    You ladies have prompted me to try and start a mini “challenge” of my own. I say challenge because that word seems to get more input than assignment. I have made contact with a school from Germany. We have started (slowly) working on a wiki project. The organizing teacher wanted to use the wiki as a forum for discussion so that my students can practice commenting and his students could practice their English. I am trying to convince the teacher that blogging would work better for our purposes. I have included a link for my blog entry that you can see some of the items that I borrowed from your challenge.

    Thank you very much for your inspiration.

  6. lylethecrocidile Said,

    January 11, 2010@ 11:04 am      

    I LOVED YOUR BLOG CHALLENGE I THIK IT WAS GREAT!!!! However I do think that explaing how to do alot of the things in the challenge would be helpful. More about this on my “Week 10 Blog Challenge” at
    Thanks Lyle

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