Write a challenge

This is it!!

The penultimate challenge! 

Time is running out for you.

 What do you need to do?

Visit this blog written by students and teachers who have taken part in previous blogging challenges.  Checkout the posts written by students.  Then come back here to read about your challenge for this week.

Challenge week 9

Write a post you think would be suitable to add to this international student blog.  It will need writing, a question at the end, images, perhaps other media like a poll or slideshare.  What topic will you choose?

If you would like to be an author on the international blog, leave a comment here on this post.  Also remember to hyperlink to this post when you write your challenge so I can visit.  The best challenges will be added to the international blog.

Teachers - if you would be interested in having your class join the international blog, please leave a comment on the international blog under the page heading “Join us”. I will start organizing the calendar again so each class has about two weeks or a fortnight in which to have control of the blog.

Original image: ‘Time


by: John Morgan

Released under an Attribution License

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  1. km97 Said,

    November 13, 2009@ 4:20 am      

    For this challenge I want to write about the kelp forest. I will be going to an aquarium in Monterey California and there is a kelp forest exhibit. I would like to know if there is a deadline to finish this challenge because I would like to finish my writing after I visit the aquarium next week.


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