Great BAD posts

 Here are some great posts, polls and comics from students and teachers who took part in BAD  2009.  Remember to take part in any polls you find on student blogs.  This will help them write another post about the results in a month or so.

Ashley linked correctly to the BAD website with her going green post

Changing weather comic

Viandematrix took a global look about this topic

Danny  completed more than one activity

Make sure you check out Kira’s poll on her sidebar

Take this poll from Room10 

Chevy  quickly made changes after a comment about linking

Kylie did three activities including a comic and poll

Even a bookworm has great ideas to help control climate change

Members of the Eagle’s Nest want to survive – Eagle4   Eagle2  Eagle13  Eagle5

Hallie - great research – two sources linked

Freddo – tips for what we can do

Hannah has family arguments about this topic

Lisa versus the scientists – remember to be polite if arguing against Lisa’s post

Even musicians worry about climate change

Fantastic presentation of the topic by Jessica.

Jade used and linked to lots of sources for her information.

Abbey and how climate change relates to her blog theme.

Unusual writing style from Fred and George

Even the teachers wrote some great posts – Doris included a video, Miss B. linked cigarette butts to climate change, Miss W. looked at power creation in her state

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