Blog!Blog! Week 3

Too much to have to say in one post this week, so I have divided it up into a blogging challenge post and a commenting challenge post.

It is great to see so many students with their own blogs participating in the challenge.  Remember though, there are also some students on class blogrolls. Visit them to read their posts and leave comments as well.

What is a blogroll, you ask?  Now that you have started visiting other blogs and looking at the participant list to find students with similar interests, you might start finding some blogs that you really like.  You might visit these every day, but how do you remember their URL?  This is where a blogroll comes in handy.

If you look on the sidebar of my blog, you will notice I have certain subheadings such as:

  • 2009 bloggers
  • links numeracy
  • links science
  • teacher blogs  

These are all part of my blogroll.  Notice the subheadings or categories are alphabetical beginning with numbers.  So you will need to think about what the names are for your categories. 

If using Edublogs, to create the link category headings, go to  links > link category  To add some links such as this blog and your friends blogs, go to links>add new.  Remember to say what category you put the link under and also use http:// in front of the URL.

Just to confuse you and your teacher, there is also another heading called ‘categories’.  This though, relates to the posts you write about.  These categories appear in the header area or at the footer section of your post. 

What are your posts mainly about?

  • family and friends
  • schoolwork
  • my interests
  • my future 

You might use these as post categories.  If using Edublogs, to set them up from your dashboard go to posts>categories. Why are categories and tags important when writing your posts?  See if you can find out that answer over the next week.

Your challenges this week

  1. Add at least 10 blogs to your blog roll.  Make sure you have at least two different categories.
  2. When writing posts, begin adding categories. You should only have a few of these – it is like the chapter heading of a book. Go back to your previous posts and change the category.  If writing a post for the challenge, perhaps a category ‘challenge 09′ would be useful.
  3. If you have taken part in a previous challenge,  you also need to write a post recommending at least 5 blogs you think students and classes should add to their blogroll.  Remember to give reasons why that blog should be added.
  4. If you still have lots of time to do some more challenges, then visit the blog run by last year’s participants.  Leave some comments on the posts and perhaps you will also find some other links for your blogroll. Check out the categories used on this blog in their blog roll.


  1. MrsWeiland Said,

    September 29, 2009@ 2:17 am      

    I was just finding some student blog’s have bad words on them and so forth, I’m just wondering how can I prevent my students from seeing those but yet still view educational student blogs?

  2. km97 Said,

    September 30, 2009@ 1:17 am      

    Miss Wyatt-
    Are my links and blogroll the same thing? I have made links and link catagories(and linked them) but the catagories are not showing on my blog. What do I need to do?

  3. Katie Said,

    October 6, 2009@ 12:59 pm      

    Miss W,

    I have been on holidays for 2 weeks and not got a chance to go on the blogging challenge. I don’t get the challenge for wk 3. Can you leave a coomment on my blog and explain more about it.


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