Challenge 10 – enticing your readers

Well it’s getting close to the end of the challenge.  Here in Tasmania we have about three more weeks until our end of term then we have a two week holiday.  Those students in Canada and USA are heading towards the end of the year and their summer vacation time.

Are you going to be writing posts over your holiday break?  What topics are you going to write about? Maybe you are going to be away from computers for the break.  But you still want your readers to come back after the break to read your posts.

You have your blogroll organized; you’ve visited everyone on the blog to wish them a great holiday or good luck when they finish middle school and go onto high school. But how are you going to keep them as readers and entice new readers in over your break?

Challenge this week

Begin writing a series of at least three posts on a favourite topic. 

For example, if you are like Braiden in my class last year, your topic would be motor sport.  Perhaps he could write a post about:

  • famous motorcar drivers – one post per driver with links and photos to other websites
  • famous races – again lots of links and images with correct attribution

At the end of each article ask a question.  Also mention what you will be writing about in your next post. To make it easy for your readers to know when you have written your post, do you have an email subscription on your blog?  Check out this post from The Edublogger to see how to add it.

But, I’m not going to be near a computer over the holidays, you say!!

Easy done!  Instead of publishing the post immediately, tell your computer when you want it published.  In Edublogs above the save/publish buttons in your write post dashboard is a ‘publish immediately edit’ button.  Use this to tell edublogs when you want your post to be published. This will make it look like you are still writing during your holidays.

Original image: ‘Late night‘  by: eden politte

Late night

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  1. comincioli Said,

    May 11, 2009@ 4:51 am      

    Love your blog and the idea of posting challenges. This is something I would like my class to participate in when we start back in the fall. Our year is quickly coming to an end right now! Thank you for the comment on our blog. We didn’t actually visit Ellis Island, but would have loved too! That would have been an amazing field trip. Our school is about 45-60 northwest of Chicago, Illinois. We are many hours from New York City, so we did a simulation instead. The students really learned a lot about the history of their families and the background on how many people came to America in the late 1800s/early 1900s. It was a great experience for them to really understand what happened at Ellis Island.


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