Week 2 – Avatars

As teachers, we have a responsibility to make sure you are being internet savvy and responsible while using computers and mobiles at school.  Hopefully what we teach you will also be seen in the way you use the internet at home or out-of-school hours.

One way of being internet savvy is not to have pictures of yourself on your blog.  So below are a few sites where you can have a go at creating what is called an “Avatar“. Remember though, that age counts when using some websites and if you are under 13, then some of these sites are not suitable for you to use yet. These are where you need to have parental or guardian permission.




Activities for week 2

1. Create an appropriate avatar to represent yourself.  Save the picture as either a .gif or .jpeg or .png . 

2. If using Edublogs, when you log-in to your blog dashboard,  there is a link under the section “Getting started with Edublogs” that allows you to upload your blog and user avatar in one easy step.  If you are a user like author or editor under your class blog, you should be able to upload to user avatar but not blog avatar.

3. Once you have uploaded a user avatar this will appear wherever you make a comment.  Make sure you have your blog URL correctly written in your settings and profile.  So from now on, people will be able to click on your avatar and go straight to your blog. But if your URL is wrong, you will miss out on some interesting visitors. 

4. Now create a post to explain why this avatar represents you.  If you are using a class blog, work with your teacher to create a post or page about your avatars. If you have saved the avatars on a drive at school, then your teacher could upload each of them as images with an explanation under each avatar.  Make sure your teacher also creates an avatar.

5.  If you created a Voki, then it can’t be added like an avatar.  Check out this site if you want to add it to your sidebar and check out here if you want to add a Voki to a post or page.  In both these posts, the most important thing is have everything ready in the post or page, including tags and categories before you insert the code under HTML and finally hit publish.

 6. Still got time left this week, then make sure you visit the blogs of other participants.  Leave me a comment here about some of the blogs you visited and what the interests were of the students you visited.

Remember the most important part of blogging is the conversation you begin and follow up on.

Any age can use these avatar sites:

From abi-station:

If under 13, sorry you can’t register for these.  But over 13, need parental or guardian permission.

Thanks to this wiki  which gave me many avatar websites to visit. 

Reminder: Remember if writing a post or comment, mention stubc08 somewhere in your work.


  1. julya Said,

    September 28, 2008@ 9:38 am      

    Hi Miss W


    You said that the one thing is how u cant listen to the voki because of the music player. Well I thoguht Of That and I said to myself well Ifthey want they can pause the music :)

    The pause button isnt that noticble thoguh and im planning on fixing that

  2. meghna Said,

    September 29, 2008@ 2:11 am      

    Hi Miss W,
    That is an excellent tutorial on how to make an avatar, witth some suitable examples. I believe that one interesting avatar is a basic necessity for all bloggers, whether children or grown up. That connects the readers with the blog owner and avoid an emptiness. Thank you for sharing this.

    I’ve an avatar, which is of a girl, as drawing and I love it very much.


  3. Nadine Said,

    October 2, 2008@ 4:00 pm      

    Hello Miss Wyatt
    I have a problem!! I am not edublogs! What will I do? I cannot put an avatar or anything? I am in BIG trouble.
    Please please help…
    Can we just use a picture instead of an avatar and can I just write a post why it means alot to me? That would be great. Please let me know a.s.a.p
    And you must do something else for the Learnerbloggers who can’t do all that! It would really be of excellent help.

  4. Nadine Said,

    October 3, 2008@ 1:24 pm      

    Thanks for the help Miss W
    I shall pick a picture from FlickrCC that relates to me, post it on my blog, and say why it is important to me and relates to me. Is that a good idea?
    Cross Fingers!


  5. bene09 Said,

    October 4, 2008@ 6:10 am      

    Hey Miss W.
    I can’t put my picture of my avatar on my blog because they are upgrading the way edublogs runs. IS that ok if I put my avatar on my blog late. Commenet on my blog please at


  6. Miss W. Said,

    October 4, 2008@ 10:20 am      

    @Julya – I’m not as techie as you, but I finally worked out how to turn the music off or pause it on the minipod. I have only just bought myself an ipod to listen to music and perhaps download some podcasts.

    @Meghna – I feel an avatar needs to represent you and many of the students are having a great time creating one this week.

    @Nadine – those pictures you chose were fantastic and the explanation you gave was typical of the great writing you do normally.

    @Ben – it’s OK to add it whenever you can Ben – nothing is late in this competition.

  7. Anne Mirtschin Said,

    October 6, 2008@ 8:33 am      

    Thanks for all your suggestions. At our school, we also encourage students to use MS Paint to create their own avatar or image. This needs to be saved as a jpg and resized. It gives the student an outlet for their artistic skills and some individuality. SOme of the younger students drew their avatars in art, took a digital photo of it and used that as their avatar.

  8. cameron Said,

    October 8, 2008@ 4:44 am      

    Don’t worry I do not look like my voki but I do look like my avatar. And the baby is soooooo cuitttteee!!!!=] -stubc08

  9. ishsofia Said,

    October 17, 2008@ 11:15 pm      

    MS. W,
    How did you find my blog? My teacher recommended your blog to my class, but i never thought that you would find it!! Thanks alot for writing a comment though…

  10. glennish Said,

    October 28, 2008@ 7:00 pm      

    Hello ms W.

    I wanted to ask you if I could enter the competition.
    Thank you.


  11. ishsofia Said,

    November 7, 2008@ 9:11 pm      

    Mrs. W?
    I have a problem with my avatar…. I added it, but all I get is this horrible little monster!! Please can you give me some advise!

  12. emma Said,

    June 29, 2009@ 6:00 pm      

    Hey Miss W,
    Because ive only just started using my blog again i have completely forgotten how to make a avarta, Could you please help me make one?
    Thank you (:


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