We are all blogging!!

I have been blogging since January, the class since February, some students since March and today I created the final blogs for individual students. Some students in the class decided they didn’t want their own blog after I mentioned a few rules.  These were:

  • Both  you and I are administrators until you do something wrong - you will then become  an editor.  As a class we have done a lot of work on being internet safe and also looking out for each other as part of life skills.  Hopefully I will not have to demote anyone!
  • You will have to write comments on blogs belonging to students in our room as well as those on our blogroll from other parts of the world.
  • You will have to make sure you respond to people who write comments on your blog.
  • You will have to write at least one BTN report on your blog every month and one post about something that interests you every month.  So at least two posts per month.
  • You cannot publish a post until you have emailed me, I have viewed the post and sent an email back to you with my approval for publishing.
  • All photos must be sourced, preferably from Flickr Creative Commons or permission must have been gained from the photographer via email and acknowledged on the bottom of the post.

Am I being too tough on you? 

I know this means a lot of work on my behalf reading posts  before they are published and emailing back to you suggestions for improvement eg spelling and grammar. But at this stage of your blogging experience, I am prepared to put in the extra time.

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  1. gianna Said,

    June 13, 2008@ 4:52 am      

    Hi, I think this blog is very cool. I’m from Mrs. K’s class. How are you?


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